Monday, June 14, 2010

Take it... PLEASE!

Things are a little hectic here at home at the moment as we are packing up the house getting ready to move in a few weeks. I remember when moving was so simple, you hire a ute or truck and load your few possessions on and off you go to the next house share, unit or borrowed couch. I have done them all.

Now I have a husband, two cats and a baby, plus a load of stuff I cannot remember accumulating. I love a good purge and by purge I mean getting rid of a whole lot of stuff that I do not need nor ever have. I love simplicity, I love having just the bare essentials to ensure comfort. I have never been a hoarder, I don't keep old love letters, show programs or magazines. I don't keep clothes, shoes, jewellery just in case I might fit into it, need it or like it again one day. I donate, recycle, sell, give away, anything to ensure it doesn't end up in land fill. I have to admit this weekend has been a test of my patience. I had organised a pick up for a charity, I had some decent furniture and other misc items that they could have given to a needy family but due to regulations about 85% of it was left behind, so I found another charity that would take it. I offered the rest to friends but no luck, so I put some on it on freecycle and had instant responses but still they remain in my home. I know what you are thinking, the stuff is either rubbish or so ugly no one would insult their house by putting it in it but I promise, it isn't horrid and if I didn't already have way too much stuff, would remain with me.

My frustration is that I am loathe to throw anything away, I cannot justify more crap being made while perfectly good stuff goes to land fill. More pollution, more trees being cut down, more chemicals being spewed into the atmosphere so we can sit on shiny new chairs. I guess my point is... well, persevere, find a new home for the stuff you no longer want or need, swap with friends, buy from op shops, just try not to add to the pile of junk already accumulated on this planet.

I have just a few things left now and I will persevere, I will find my lovely things a new home, I will celebrate when I do!

On a lighter note, we had the yummiest mexican food for dinner last night, imagine if you will, a vegan burrito filled with beans, avocado, salsa, corn, tofutti sour cream, cheezly cheese, tomatos, lettuce and lovely spices. YUM!

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