Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Teething and Walking

Here I am at the tail end of a monstrous week of teething, it took me swiftly back to those first few weeks with a new born, no sleep, lots of crying, just add no eating! Very frustrating and as far as I can tell there are no new teeth up, not that I can see anyway, I am blessed with a boy who will bite your finger if you put it in his mouth, don't blame him really, I would too.

Jasper has started swimming lessons which he seems to enjoy, it's quite fun to go too. Our instructor tries hard to encourage him to 'kick, kick, kick, kick,' and he just grins at her and floats on his way. No one tells Jasper what to do...

I must also mention that he is walking too, he loves too strut his stuff and damn is he proud. I have gone a little crazy buying shoes for him now he is on his feet. I got a couple of cute booties from Isabooties, as well as some Dunlop first walkers and sandals from local stores. I really wish they would make more decent vegan baby and toddler shoes, not even wants their child walking around with cow hide wrapped around their gorgeous feet.

Jasper is enjoying new foods when he chooses to eat, at the moment he likes dolmades, baba ganoush, veggie sushi, falafel, hommus, polenta and pumpkin fingers (one of his favourites) pasta, semi dried tomatoes and avocado toast.

Just bought Vegan Lunchbox and Vegan Lunchbox around the world so hopefully I will get some new ideas to keep him interested.

Fingers Crossed!